The God of Craft

Shwmae pawb I just wanted to start the week off with a small introduction to the main character for the game: Gofannon. Gofannon is an initiated member of the Tylwyth Teg family – the greater family of beings within the setting, with the gods of the realm at their core. The Tylwyth Teg, or Fairfolk…

Introduction to Gresynu

Welcome/Croeso! So I’ve just started this site up, and the driving force behind that was having somewhere to post updates on a little indie game I’m developing. So here goes! First I’ll take some time to give a brief intro to the game. Gresynu means to regret in Welsh. The game follows Gofannon, a secondary…


Hello all and welcome to my personal site and the beginning of updates on my personal projects. I’m going to use this site to post updates in blog-form, mainly concerning my personal projects. At the minute I have two things I can post about: Gresynu: Gofannon’s Tale – A 3D retro-platformer with some new elements…

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