Hello all and welcome to my personal site and the beginning of updates on my personal projects.

I’m going to use this site to post updates in blog-form, mainly concerning my personal projects. At the minute I have two things I can post about:

  • Gresynu: Gofannon’s Tale – A 3D retro-platformer with some new elements that I’m developing in UE4. I wanted to finally commit to a full game, and lately I’ve been swelling with excitement for all things Mabinogi to the point of bursting, so I’ve smashed them together.
  • Mab-y-coed – In my spare time I like to carve wood. Recently I’ve dedicated a lot more time to building up my online professional presence so it’s suffered a bit. For now the link to the instagram is in the header, and hopefully I’ll have more updates soon.

I’m going to follow this up straight away with a post specifically about Gresynu, so see you there!

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